An update on FactorDaily

Over a year after we started FactorDaily, we are doing some course correction by focusing sharper and deeper on the way technology is shaping the world.

The new approach requires a far leaner model for focus and execution.

As part of this new approach, some of our bright colleagues who have made the journey of building FactorDaily really special over a year and a few months, are moving on. We will always be grateful to them, especially for the leap of faith they took in joining us — a startup in an industry in the middle of widespread disruption.

We wish them a fulfilling career ahead.

In the new approach, what doesn’t change is FactorDaily’s commitment to our mission and the way we practise journalism.

We continue to be well funded with the investors, both old and new backing our journey. We also continue to earn high quality revenues from customers, as part of the work being done by FactorBranded.

We are building FactorDaily into an enterprise that lasts the test of time, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future ahead.

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